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The following governance information is available on this page: 


Vision and Mission

  • The vision of the Centre for Human Rights (“the Centre”) is to be a world-class academic institution focusing on research, teaching and advocacy in the field of human rights law in Africa.
  • The mission of the Centre is to work towards the realisation of human rights particularly in South Africa and Africa.
  • This is done on a theoretical and practical level, through research, education, training, lobbying and community development work.
  • The Centre strives for ubuntu (humanity) and excellence in all its undertakings.

Centre for Human Rights Constitution

  Dowload the Centre's Constitution
File size: 17 kB

Centre Organogram: Staff

Download the Staff Organogram
File size: 40 kB

Centre Organogram: Projects and Programmes

Download the Projects and Programmes Organogram
File size: 32 kB

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