The International Development Law Unit (IDLU) at the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria invites you to 4 workshops to discuss papers focusing on the impacts and challenges relating to the sovereign debt situations in the SADC member countries.


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Presentations Include:

  • Dr Yan Wang and Prof. Ken Galllagher 
    Global Policy Center, Boston University USA)
    Sovereign Debt through the lens of Asset Management: Implications for SADC Countries
  • Prof. Martin Edwards
    Seton Hall University (USA)
    Risk Assessment and early warning IMF surveillance over sovereign debt in SADC
  • Dr Barry Herman The New school of public engagement
    How to make crisis response reliable part of official international lending post pandemic
  • Miracle C. Nwakeze
    Independent Consultant
    The dynamic of sovereign debt management in Africa: A critical analysis
  • Prof. Dunia P. Zongwe
    Walter Sisulu University (South Africa)
    Pandemics and pandemonium: preparing for the next public health crises through responsible budget system law
  • Louis Koen
    University of Johannesburg (South Africa)
    The validity of sovereign debt tainted by corruption: Lessons from Mozambique or the renegotiation of sovereign debt tainted with corruption: Mozambique’s secret debt in perspective?
  • Marie-Louise F. Aren
    Law Reform Commission (Nigeria)
    South African Sovereign Debt Management- Exploring Creative Approaches to Forestalling an Epic Debt Crisis
  • Farai Mutando Africa Institute of Environmental  Law, Anna-Sophie Hobi University of Life Science (Norway) and Mutuso Bhliwayo Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association
    Resource-backed loans and the high risk of debt in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A case study of Zimbabwe
  • Reginald Chaoneka and Tirivangani Mutaru African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD)
    The Nexus between Public Debt and Human Rights (Socio-economic Rights): Empirical Examination of Southern African Countries
  • Dr Jimcall Pfumorodze University of Botswana
    Revisiting sovereign debt management and restructuring in Zimbabwe
  • Jervin Naidoo University of Pretoria (South Africa) and Umesh Moramudali Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (Sri Lanka)
    Renegotiating Sovereign Debt as a Bloc: A collective SADC Approach
  • Muriuki Muriungi Kosgei, Muriuki & Koome Advocates & University of Nairobi (Kenya)
    Legal Options and Approaches of Managing and Restructuring Sovereign Debt in the SADC Region

Workshop Overview 

Over the past decade, Sub-Saharan debt levels have begun to rise to worrying levels.  It is anticipated that the current challenges with debt sustainability, debt management, and sovereign debt restructuring will be further exacerbated by the current COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread lockdowns. The current global health and economic crisis both highlight the need for adequate fiscal responses, as well as the need to revisit the topic of sovereign debt management and sovereign debt restructuring in times of crisis. In response to this need, the University of Pretoria Faculty of Law - International Development Law Unit (IDLU) will be hosting a series of workshops on sovereign debt and crisis. The objective of the workshops is to foster interdisciplinary research on sovereign debt-related issues, with a key focus on the SADC region. The workshop will comprise presentations covering a wide range of topics including public sector reform and sovereign debt management, sovereign debt management and fiscal vulnerabilities, sovereign debt restructuring, crisis recovery, and life after Covid-19. Several international experts from multilateral organizations, the academia and the private sector will act as commentators. 

For more information, please contact:

Ms Thandeka Rasetsoke
Administrative Assistant
Inrternational Development Law Unit (IDLU)

Magalie Masamba
International Development Law Unit (Unit)


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