Centre for Human Rights Values

  1. The Centre is guided by human rights, in particular the equal dignity of and respect for everyone. It adopts a human rights-based approach to all its activities.
  2. We are bound by and uphold all UP policies. In particular, we strongly disapprove of sexual harassment, misuse of authority, racism, homophobia, sexism, xenophobia, religious and other forms of intolerance.
  3. We act with compassion to ensure the inclusion and protection of those most vulnerable to human rights violations.
  4. We aim to provide a non-judgmental and participatory convening space where intellectual freedom prospers.
  5. We commit ourselves to act with integrity in all our endeavours, by acting with fairness to all.
  6. We consider ourselves to be accountable to everyone involved in our work, our partners, our colleagues, the Faculty and broader University, and our donors. We uphold the principle of transparency.
  7. We commit ourselves to act with professionalism, and be effective and efficient in our use of human and material resources.
  8. We strive to advance the spirit of Ubuntu by cultivating acceptance of diversity and difference, and by working in solidarity with each other and our partners.
  9. We endeavor to strengthen pan African institutions and to foster a pan African identity.
  10. We commit ourselves to invest in the future of Africa’s youth.

Centre for Human Rights Vision and Mission

  • The vision of the Centre for Human Rights (“the Centre”) is to be a world-class academic institution focusing on research, teaching and advocacy in the field of human rights law in Africa.
  • The mission of the Centre is to work towards the realisation of human rights particularly in South Africa and Africa.
  • This is done on a theoretical and practical level, through research, education, training, lobbying and community development work.
  • The Centre strives for ubuntu (humanity) and excellence in all its undertakings.

Centre for Human Rights Constitution

Download the Centre's Constitution 


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