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Academic News


    The Helen Kanzira Lecture is an annual lecture on sexual and reproductive rights in Africa,

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    The Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria, takes great pleasure in

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    On 23 and 24 January 2020, the Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University

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    COVID-19: Welcoming Ceremony Master's Programmes postponed

    As South Africa faces the locally expanding coronavirus epidemic, the

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Prof Daniel Bradlow

BA(Wits) JD(Northeastern) MLIC(Georgetown) LLD(UP)

SARChI Professor of International Development Law and African Economic Relations

Emeritus Professor of Law, American University Washington College of Law

Tel: + 27 (12) 420 6202
Fax: +27 (0) 86 547 9000

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The following students are registered for the LLD at the Centre for Human Rights, under the supervision or co-supervision of Prof Daniel Bradlow

  • Ms OB Igbayiloye
    Business and human rights challenges: A case for legal framework in Nigeria

  • Ms B Keetharuth
    The UN ‘Protect Respect and Remedy’ framework and principals on business and human rights: Their potential role and application in the Extractive Industries in Africa

  • Mr J Loots
    Privatisation of public services: An analysis of the human rights implications of public-private partnerships in Africa

  • Ms N Mapefane
    The complex consequences arising from the privileges and immunities of international organisations

  • Mr MC Okoloise
    Accountability of oil companies for human rights violation in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region: Implementing pillar three of the ‘Ruggie principles’

  • Ms E Chitsove
    Combating corruption in international investment law: Prospects and challenges 


Prof Charles Fombad 

Licence en Droit(University of Yaounde) LL.M(University of London) PhD(University of London)

Professor of Human Rights Law

Tel: +27 (0) 12 420 3377
Fax: +27 (0) 86 580 5743

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The following students are registered for the LLD at the Centre for Human Rights, under the supervision or co-supervision of Prof Charles Fombad 

  • Mr CA Chofor Che
    An analysis of decentralisation under the 1996 Constitution of Cameroon

  • Prof OE Nwebo
    The Role of the Pan African Parliament in promoting constitutionalism and democratic governance in Africa: Lessons from supranational parliaments

  • Mr C Andeleki
    The independence of judiciary: A case study on constitutional democracy in Zambia

  • Ms SE Vohito Ép. Anyanwu
    The constitutionalisation of the rights of political parties in Africa and its impact on constitutionalism: A comparative study of Central African Republic, Senegal and South Africa


Prof Michelo Hansungule

LLB LLM(Zambia) LLM(Graz, Austria) PhD(Vienna, Austria) Diploma in Land Tenure(Wisconsin)

Academic Coordinator: LLM/MPhil Multidisciplinary Human Rights (MDHR)

Tel: +27 (0) 12 420 4532
Fax: +27 (0) 86 580 5743

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The following students are registered for the LLD at the Centre for Human Rights, under the supervision or co-supervision of Prof Michelo Hansungule

  • Mrs OO Adeniyi
    Legal protection of the girl child against child marriage in Nigeria

  • Mr JO Arowosegbe
    Allocation of legislative powers under the Nigerian constitution and its implications for Nigeria’s federalism

  • Mr C Mulenga
    A dichotomous relationship between foreign direct investment in Zambia’s mining sector and the quest for environmental and human rights protection

  • Mr HA Abdalla
    Enforcement of the right to development through reverse linkage projects among developing countries: The Islamic Development Bank experience

  • Ms MV Uppiah
    The realisation of the right to development through the exploitation of Exclusive Economic Zone: The case of Mauritius

  • Ms MN Ginamia
    The right to development in post-conflict societies: Lessons from Northern Uganda

  • Mr EJE Eghosa
    The experiences of asylum-seekers in Pretoria: A human rights perspective

  • Mrs NR Lekgetho
    Immunity of sitting Heads of State in International Law – The case of South Africa

  • Mr LG Magawa
    Legal and policy obstacles toward realisation of the right to communal ownership of land for indigenous minority groups in Tanzania: A case study of the Hadzabe Community

  • Mrs LM Vungo
    Promoting indigenous and minority peoples’ rights while upholding democracy

  • Ms P Mukumbiri
    A critical analysis of women’s right to peaceful existence and the right to participate in the promotion and maintenance of peace: A case study of Zimbabwe.

  • Mr MJ Malowa
    The judicial interpretation of indigenous law as an inferior legal system in post-apartheid cultural jurisprudence in South Africa


Prof Christof Heyns

LLB(UP) MA LLM(Yale) PhD(Wits)

Director: Institute for International and Comparative Law in Africa (ICLA)
Member of the United Nations Human Rights Committee
Professor of Human Rights Law


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The following students are registered for the LLD at the Centre for Human Rights, under the supervision of Prof Christof Heyns

  • Tino Chinyoka (Zimbabwe) is doing a survey of the protections of the right to life in Zimbabwe and in South Africa (ranging from regulation of gatherings to duty to investigate)

  • Dennis Chipao (Malawi) is doing an analysis of how the Malawi Police Service can take advantage of new technologies to monitor and improve the effectiveness and accountability of “manual” policing (co-supervised by Thomas Probert)

  • Alero Itohan Fenemigho (Nigeria) is doing a study of counter-terrorism policing in Africa under international law (co-supervised by Stuart Maslen)

  • Dumisani Gandhi (Zimbabwe) is exploring the relationship between new technologies and more effective or accountable policing, with a critique of deterministic optimism projected from a northern evidence-base (co-supervised by Thomas Probert)

  • Anne Ireri (Kenya) is investigating the Kenyan Police Service in terms of their capacity for forensic investigation (co-supervised by Thomas Probert)

  • Dickson Kahama (Uganda) is studying collective accountability for non-state actors for international crimes during non-international armed conflict (co-supervised by Stuart Maslen)

  • Brenda Mwale (Kenya) focusses on prevention and repression of cyber-terrorism in Africa (co-supervised by Stuart Maslen)

  • Ben Christopher Nyabira (Kenya) investigates the levels of violence in Kenya and the institutional arrangements for the collection of such data at national level. (co-supervised by Thomas Probert)

  • Dagnachew B. Wakene (Ethiopia) is working on violence against persons with disabilities


Prof Magnus Killander

jur kand(Lund) EMA(Padua) LLD(UP)

Academic Coordinator: LLM/MPhil Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa (HRDA)
Professor of Human Rights Law

Tel: +27 (0) 12 420 5407
Fax: +27 (0) 86 580 5743

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The following students are registered for the LLD at the Centre for Human Rights, under the supervision or co-supervision of Prof Magnus Killander

  • Mr B Nkrumah
    Mobilising for the realisation of the right to food in South Africa

  • Mr E Okurut
    Preventing human rights violations by law enforcement during counterterrorism in Kenya and Uganda

  • Mr PP Imiera
    Developing a legal framework for state compensation to crime victims in Nigeria

  • Mr AC Ekeke
    The European Union’s rights-based approach to trade relations: The potential of extra-territorial human rights obligations in the realisation of right to development in sub-Saharan Africa

  • Mr PO Ogendi (co-supervisor: Dr A Waris)
    Pharmaceutical trade policies and access to medicines in Kenya

  • Ms RI Karugonjo-Segawa
    Participation in development: Right or privilege? A case study of Uganda

  • Mr AO Okeowo (co-supervisor: Dr E Griffin)
    Advancing accountability for mass atrocities through citizen media

  • Mr YC Nwagu
    Securing the right to participate in elections

  • Mr AE Etuvoata (co-supervisor: Prof S Ebobrah)
    The role of civil society in improving effectiveness of human right supervisory mechanism in Africa: A comparative of Western Europe

  • Mr EENM Kapapelo
    Counter-terrorism and human rights: Implications of 9/11 on the protection of human rights in the horn of Africa

  • Mr J Buabeng-Baidoo
    Making social protection floors a reality in Africa

  • Mr JDK Kariseb (co-supervisor: Dr A Budoo)
    The role and impact of special mechanisms on the realisation of women’s rights in Africa

  • Ms LU Ajemba
    Access to medicines for persons with psycho-social disabilities in Africa

  • Mr DM Ndambo (co-supervisor: Prof Erika de Wet)
    Human rights and state behaviour: A case study of Kenya


Prof Charles Ngwena

LLB(Wales) LLM(Wales) LLD(UFS)

Professor of Human Rights Law
Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights; Disability Rights; Race and Cultural Studies

Tel: +27 (0)12 420 3801
Fax: +27 (0) 86 580 5743

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The following students are registered for the LLD at the Centre for Human Rights, under the supervision or co-supervision of Prof Charles Ngwena

  • Mr CG Sibande
    Enforcement of sexual and reproductive health rights in Malawi: An analysis of human rights framework for sex workers rights

  • Mr GC Odo
    Promoting gender justice in Nigeria through judicialisation of maternal mortality

  • Mr M Mulumba
    The value of meaningful community participation in establishing entitlements to health care in Uganda

  • Mr LM Mute
    Bridging liberalism and communalism: in search of an effective framework for political participation by persons with disabilities in Kenya

  • Ms S Nabaneh
    A critical analysis of the political determinants of sexual and reproductive health: Criminalization health impacts and game changers

  • Ms AI Ofuani
    Promoting the rights of persons with disabilities: The case of Nigeria

  • Mrs NC Umeh
    Realising access to inclusive education for the hearing-impaired learner in Nigerian primary schools

  • Mrs WA Holness
    Support for the parental rights and responsibilities of mothers with intellectual disabilities in two KwaZulu-Natal children’s courts.


Prof Frans Viljoen


Director: Centre for Human Rights
Executive Committee
Professor of International Human Rights Law

Tel: +27 (0) 12 420 3228
Fax: +27 (0) 86 580 5743

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The following students are registered for the LLD at the Centre for Human Rights, under the supervision or co-supervision of Prof Frans Viljoen

  • Mr Dieu-Donné Wedi Djamba
    Judicial dialogues: The relation of the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights with national, subregional and other regional courts - practice and perspective

  • Mr EY Ako
    Decriminalisation of same-sex acts in Africa: A case study of Ghana

  • Mr A Agada
    The compatibility of the Nigerian law on sexual minorities with the Nigerian Constitution and international law

  • Ms MW Kareithi
    A historical-legal analysis of woman-to-woman marriage in Kenya

  • Mr L Banda
    Towards non-discrimination on basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in Africa: The case of de-crimination in Zambia

  • Mr T Mamhare
    Towards the realisation of the rights of intersex persons: Establishing medical and legal protection of the rights of intersex persons in Africa

  • Mr VO Ayeni
    The impact of African Union human rights treaties in selected African states

  • Ms MW Kamunyu
    The gender responsiveness of the African Commission of Human and Peoples’ Rights

  • Mr MG Nyarko
    Realisation of socio-economic rights under Ghana’s constitutional framework: Prospects and challenges.

  • Mr G Ogwaro
    Human rights education and removing resistance to human rights: Finding the right approach and appeal for Africa

  • Mr AA Ashenafi
    Realising electoral rights in Africa: A refugee rights perspective

  • Ms HM Ekefre
    The implementation of African human rights decision by domestic state actors

  • Mr DNC Ikpo
    The scope of individual duty under the African human rights system towards sexual and gender minority rights

  • Ms CK Mutungi
    Constitutional law and constitutionalism in neo-liberal regional integration: The East African community

  • Mr A Jjuuko
    Using strategic litigation to create social transformation in situations of homophobia and active hostility

  • Mr T Chinyoka
    Human rights must be adaptable to different contexts to be effective