HRDA Alumni

The original mandate of HRDA to strengthen human rights debate on the continent has been largely achieved in the last twenty years with its alumni spread in almost all sectors including legal practice, inter-governmental organisations, national judiciaries, academic institutions, governments, philanthropy and many more in and out of Africa.

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SRRA Alumni

The SRRA Alumni seeks to yield to individuals, and communities in the African region and beyond, tangible social benefits which include grooming of leaders with a capacity to influence the social transformation of societies and raising of public awareness about sexual and reproductive health and rights.

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TILA Alumni

The International Trade and Investment Law in Africa (TILA), Alumni are trained in a programme focused on, Africa with full exposure to the international world of trade and investment.

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Alumni Publications

HRDA - Alumni Diaries

cover AD2022 10 October 2023


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TILA - Yearbook


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