Bertille Charlotte Ouedraogo TILA

Bertille Charlotte Ouédraogo | Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

 Master in International and European law from the university of Paris Nanterre, in France;
     Bachelor in Public Law.

Previous Experience

After obtaining a Bachelor in public law at the University of Nazi Boni, Burkina Faso, Bertille Ouédraogo got a Master's degree in international and European law at the University of Paris Nanterre, France. For three years, she worked with the Association Burkinabè pour le Bien-Etre Familial (ABBEF) as a peer educator. Her mandate was to raise awareness about sexual and reproductive health among high school students in her country. She then worked for two years for private companies in France and Burkina Faso as a sales agent. These experiences allowed her to develop strong management skills and accustomed her to sales and business techniques. In 2019, Bertille won the first regional and national prize in the national debate and public speaking competition "Harmonies Citoyennes". When she is not in class, Bertille is reading, writing or making new friends. Passionate about new experiences, her motto is "live life to the full, learn every day, be bold, humble and free". Bertille's dream is to one day be the kind of woman who inspires younger generations to excel and reach their full potential.

Academic fields of interest:

After her LLM in Trade and Investment Law in Africa at the University of Pretoria, Bertille would be seeking for professional growth in international trade institutions as the World Trade Organization (WTO), in the World Intellectual Property Organiation (WIPO) or in an anti-dumping law firm. Therefore her favourite subjects are trade law, intellectual property rights law and international investment law.

Previous Position

Bertille has worked as a commercial agent for a company in France. She has also worked as a freelance legal and literary writer.



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