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LLD students who graduated in 2014

  • Dinokopila, Bonolo
    The Pan-Africa Parliament and its human rights mandate as an opportunity for effective human rights protection in Africa

  • Kabumba, Busingye
    Soft law and the legitimation of international law

LLD students who graduated in 2013

  • Adjolohoun, Horace (co-supervisor: Dr Magnus Killander)
    Giving effect to the human rights jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the Economic Community of West African States: Compliance and Influence

  • Nsibirwa, Martin
    The obligation of African states to realise women's rights to participate in politics and decision making in Africa

  • Ozoemena, Rita
    The Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa: An instrument for advancing gender justice

LLD students who graduated in 2012

  • Abebe, Adem
    (supervisor: Prof Frans Viljoen; co-supervisor: Dr Magnus Killander)
    The role of human rights litigation in the realisation of human rights in Africa: The case of Ethiopia from a comparative African perspective

  • Acirokop, Prudence
    (supervisor: Dr Magnus Killander)
    Accountability for mass atrocities – The LRA conflict in Uganda

  • Soyeju, OO
    (supervisor: Prof Danny Bradlow)
    Creative financing for infrastructure projects in sub-Saharan Africa: Its implications for foreign investment inflow, economic growth and development

LLD students who graduated in 2011

  • Djoyou Kamga Serges
    (supervisor: Prof Michelo Hansungule)
    Human rights in Africa: Prospects for the realisation of the right to development under the New Partnership for Africa’s Development

  • Lim Hye-Young
    (supervisor: Prof Frans Viljoen)
    Legally recognising child-headed households through a rights-based approach: The case of South Africa

  • Murungu Chacha
    (supervisor: Prof Michelo Hansungule)
    The head of state immunity from prosecution for international crimes: Law and practice in Africa

  • Rukare Donald
    (supervisor: Prof Michelo Hansungule)
    The role of development assistance in the protection and promotion of human rights in Uganda

LLD students who graduated in 2010

  • Kaguongo Waruguru
    (supervisor: Prof Danie Brand)
    The realisation of economic and social rights in Africa with special reference to national budgets

  • Mutangi Tarisai
    (supervisor: Prof Frans Viljoen)
    A critical examination of compliance with judgments of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights: Prospects and challenges

  • Nkhata, Mwiza
    (supervisor: Prof Frans Viljoen)
    Constitutionalism and good governance in Africa: (Re) Discovering the relevance and viability of social trust-based governance in Malawi

LLD students who graduated in 2009

  • Killander Magnus
    (supervisor: Prof Christof Heyns)
    The role of the African Peer Review Mechanism

  • Ally Dane
    (supervisor: Prof Frans Viljoen)
    Constitutional exclusion under section 35(5) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996

  • Nassali Maria
    (supervisor: Prof Frans Viljoen)
    NGOs, governance and human rights in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa: Conceptual and strategic questions

  • Ebobrah Solomon
    (supervisor: Prof Frans Viljoen)
    Legitimacy and feasibility of human rights realisation through regional economic communities in Africa: The case of the Economic Community of West African States