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Media Reports, Statements and Articles on the Cameroon Crisis

  1.  27 June2018

  2. Cameroon: Armed separatists holding school principals
    Human Rights Watch
     29 May 2018
  3. Cameroon: Immediately and Unconditionally Release Five Detained Avenir Jeune de l’Ouest Members | Letter
    Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada
     10 May 2018
  4. Cameroon's Anglophone Crisis: How the Catholic Church Can Promote Dialogue
    International Crisis Group (ICG) 
     25 April 2018
  5. The arrested Anglophone leaders at risk unfair trial and torture if deported from Nigeria
    Amnesty International 
     12 January 2018
  6. Cameroon’s Worsening Anglophone Crisis Calls for Strong Measures
    International Crisis Group
     19 October 2017
  7. Worrying reports of deaths in protests in the anglophone regions
    Amnesty International
     2 October 2017
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     2017 - 2018


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