From 2 to 5 May, the Freedom of Expression and Access to Information (FOE & ATI ) Unit participated in the inaugural meeting of the Africa Academic Network of Internet Policy and Governance which took place in Ibadan, Nigeria. The roundtable which was organised by the Ibadan School of Government and Public Policy (ISGPP), with the support of Google, brought together academics of African descent both from within Africa and the diaspora, to identify and interrogate core issues on internet policy and governance. 

Over the course of three days, the meeting focused on interdisciplinary discussions on how to forge a collaborative network to address challenges to internet policy and governance in Africa through academic research. Specifically, the meeting focused on three thematic areas: economic diversification (innovation, entrepreneurship and Statrtups); content (intellectual property, piracy, intermediaries and copyright) and access (infrastructure and finance) and privacy and security (safety and rights).
Each thematic area had a working group of 6-8 experts who engaged in-depth discussions. The outcome of the working group engagements led to the adoption of an ‘Academic Action Plan’ which will shape future actions of the think tank in the coming months.
This meeting is part of the Unit’s on-going project with Google, which involves collaboration on advancing data protection/privacy in Africa through research, training and advocacy.


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