The African Moot and the Migration Unit of the Centre for Human Rights held a movie screening titled ‘African Moot’ on 15 February 2023 for CSOs in South Africa dealing with refugees and migrants.   

The African Moot, is a documentary ranked among the topmost notable African films of 2022, produced by human rights law expert and filmmaker Shameela Seedat. The Movie follows four passionate teams from Cape Town, Cairo, Kampala, and Nairobi during their months of preparation for a case dealing with refugee rights. The film joins them on their journey to Botswana, where they converge for one intense week of legal oratory, debate, adventure, bonding, and high emotion, leading to a dramatic finale before international judges at Botswana’s highest court. The documentary elaborates on how passionate young African law students are committed to their causes and how their ideas are generally very progressive, while aiming to protect the human rights of refugees in Africa.

The movie screening served as an avenue to meaningfully engage CSOs dealing with migrants and refugees in South Africa, in order for them to have a rich discussion and provide suggestions to the African Moot on various ways of litigating and getting matters to be heard and dialogue on a few suggestions on how better to improve the outreach of the work done through moots. The key highlights of the recommendations included:  

  • The African moot should continue to ensure that hypothetical cases promote inclusion and non-discrimination.
  • The Movie can serve as an advocacy tool to reach out to various actors including government officials in South Africa and in Africa who have the responsibility to ensure that the rights of migrants and refugees are respected and protected.
  • The Centre for Human Rights can use the movie to create awareness and educate students and staffs in the University of Pretoria on the rights of migrants and refugees as the movie shows the lived experiences of migrants and refugees.  
  • The Centre for Human Rights should engage more with CSOs dealing with migrants and refugees in South Africa. Collaboration with CSOs will strengthen the advocacy work of the Centre.
  • The ‘African Moot’ movie can also be screened in migrants and refugee communities.

The Centre commends the participants for contributing their inputs to the advocacy work of the African Moot. Ms Matikomborera Nyamadzi the Moot assistant Coordinator in the Centre for Human Rights, and facilitator of the discussion noted all the recommendations made and closed the meeting.  

For more information, please contact:

Ms Matikomborera Nyamadzi
Moot Assistant Coordinator

Omotunde Enigbokan
Project Officer Migration Unit


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