With the aim of harnessing the role of the media in positively influencing public attitudes through accurate, human-rights-based, and context-sensitive reporting on issues relating to migrants, the Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria (Centre), in partnership with the European Union Delegation in South Africa, conducted training for journalists, other media practitioners, and social media influencers.

The training, held on 12 June 2023, brought together journalists, other media professionals, and social media influencers to enhance their skills and knowledge in promoting social cohesion, challenging negative narratives, and reporting on issues related to migrants in South Africa.

During the training, participants had the opportunity to learn from experts and practitioners in the field who provided them with valuable insights, research findings, and practical strategies to effectively counter xenophobia through responsible and informed media coverage. Participants actively engaged in discussions, sharing their experiences and perspectives to contribute to a collaborative and enriching learning environment.

Facilitators drawn from the Centre, the International Organisation for Migration, Amnesty International, Lawyers for Human Rights, the Foundation for Education and Social Justice in Africa, the Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa, Surefire Communications, and Terre des Hommes spoke about shaping stereotypical narratives by debunking myths about migration and migrants, the human rights of migrants, responsible journalism, and how to use mainstream and social media for migrant rights advocacy. A variety of other topics were dealt with, including migrants’ access to sexual and reproductive rights.

The training marks a step forward in utilising the media to counter xenophobia. When applied in their respective roles, the knowledge, skills, and insights gained by participants can result in impactful reporting, the promotion of social cohesion, and the fostering of a more inclusive and tolerant society in South Africa.

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