From March 1993 up to September 2002, a series of "Occasional papers" was published by the Centre for Human Rights. Authors include: Johann Van Der Westhuizen, Christof Heyns, John Witte Jr,  Kivutha Kibwana, Frans Viljoen,  Obeid Hag Ali Cj Et Al, Bertus De Villiers, Edwin Cameron, Dr. Russel Ally,  Dr Kofi Quashigah, Dr. Prega Ramsamy, Evarist Baimu, and Judge Navanethem Pillay.

Index Of Published Papers

The Advancement Of Women’s Rights
Paper 16
Judge Navanethem Pillay 
September 2002
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Human Rights Mechanisms And Structures Under Nepad And The African Union: Emerging Trends Towards Proliferation And Duplication 
Paper 15
Evarist Baimu
August 2002
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Good Governance In The Southern African Development Community 
Paper 14
Dr. Prega Ramsamy
August 2002
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African Charter On Human And Peoples' Rights: Towards A More Effective Reporting Mechanism 
Paper 13
Dr. Kofi Quashigah
April 2002
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The Truth And Reconciliation Commission: Legislation, Process, And Evaluation Of Impact 
Paper 12
Dr. Russel Ally 
June 1999 
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Faculty Of Law, University Of Pretoria Prize Giving Function 1999 Address To The Prize Winners
Paper 11
Edwin Cameron 
April 1999 
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Address By State President Nelson Mandela And Chief Justice Ismail Mahomed Accepting The Honorary Degree Of Doctor Of Laws At The University Of Pretoria 
Paper 10
State President Nelson Mandela & Chief Justice Ismail Mahomed 
December 1998 
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The Protection Of Social And Economic Rights International Perspectives
Paper 9
Bertus De Villiers 
May 1996 
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Where Is The Voice Of Africa In Our Constitution? 
Paper 8
Christof Heyns 
February 1996 
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The Judgement In The First All-African Human Rights Moot Court Competition 
Paper 7
Obeid Hag Ali Cj Et Al 
December 1995 
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South Africa And A Human Rights Court For Africa 
Paper 6
Christof Heyns 
August 1995
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A Perspective On Retrospectivity Of Fundamental Rights Under The Interim Constitution
Paper 5
Frans Viljoen 
December 1994 
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Enhancing Co-Operation Among African Law Schools: Comparative Law Studies Within The African Context
Paper 4
Kivutha Kibwana
December 1993
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Towards An Integration Of Law And Religion 
Paper 3
John Witte Jr 
November 1993 
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On Civil Disobedience And Civil Government In South Africa 
Paper 2
Christof Heyns
August 1993 
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On Equality, Justice, The Future Of South African Law Schools And Other Dreams 
Paper 1
Johann Van Der Westhuizen 
March 1993
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