The DVC is a project of Amnesty International in partnership with six global universities namely: University of California Berkeley, University of Essex, University of Toronto, University of Cambridge, University of Hong Kong and the University of Pretoria. The DVC project attempts to provide verified video and photo evidence of different human rights abuse across the globe.

Student volunteers from across these six universities embark on gathering information on reports of human rights violations that appear online and then using digital tools verify the authenticity and accuracy of the information. The analysis and findings are subsequently used to hold perpetrators accountable for human rights violations.

The Centre for Human Rights’ Litigation & Implementation Unit serves as the hub for the DVC in Pretoria and has so far contributed to investigations into human rights situations in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Kenya and Cameroon.

One of the projects which the DCV worked on – The Tear Gas Project, was developed into an interactive website that showcases the abuse of tear gas by law enforcement officers around the world. The website won a Webby Award for activism in 2021.


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