Establishment and Description of the Unit

Established in May 2016, the SOGIESC Unit’s mandate is to advocate for and work towards equality inclusion non-discrimination, non-violence, and non-heterosexism for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning, and asexual persons (LGBTIQ+ persons).

This is done through hate-crime prevention and diligence in hate-crime prosecution; legal aid for LGBTIQ+ victims of discrimination and violence; LGBTIQ+ empowerment through human rights education and affirmative Masters and Doctorate scholarships; and country-based, regional and international advocacy actions.


Justice, equality, non-discrimination, and respect for the rule of law for LGBTIQ+ persons in Africa.


Working progressively towards the realisation of the human rights of LGBTIQ+ persons in Africa through advocacy, training, policy development, and social action.

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