This initiative was originally designed to take the form of a two-day conference on children’s rights in June 2020 but had to be later on converted into a different type of activity due to the unforeseen circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 30 years after the adoption of the regional instrument for safeguarding the rights of the African Child, the symposium is a fertile opportunity to look both ways – at the past and into the future - regarding the enjoyment of rights by children in Africa. The initiative is aimed at identifying gaps in actualizing children’s rights in Africa and proposing solutions that work. A reflective analysis of the way in which the regional instrument has been domesticated and utilised by African states since its adoption will inform the steps to be undertaken for the next few decades.

Interested participants were invited to prepare and submit papers on various themes related to the rights of the African child as captured in the regional treaty. Some of the papers will be published in the second 2020 edition of the African Human Rights Law Journal, which will have a children’s rights focus.

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