The students on the LLM/MPhil programme in human rights and democratisation in Africa are assigned to human rights clinics which contributes to the work of the Centre’s research units and give the students practical experience and advance the Centre’s mission towards the realisation of human rights in Africa.

Mandate 1

Prepare briefing reports on countries coming up for consideration during the 39th Ordinary Session of the ACERWC (Uganda, Congo, Eritrea and Seychelles)

The 39th Ordinary Session of the Committee is coming up from 21 March to 01 April 2022. The session will be virtual. The Committee will be considering the reports of the 4 countries indicated above. students are required to prepare briefings on child rights issues in the countries, the briefings must be factual and well researched to inform the Committee’s engagement with the State Party. 

Mandate 2

Develop a comparative report/study of the impact of climate change on the Socio-Economic rights of children in selected African countries.

Brief introducation:

Climate change has been identified by the United Nations as one of the biggest threats to children’s social and economic wellbeing.  The evidence for the impact of climate change on children is firm and growing in Africa. As a matter of fact, the impact of climate change on children in Africa is already more significant than it’s reported. Climate variability, extreme weather and climate events, exacerbated by ongoing conflicts in (Chad, Cameroon, Mozambique, Libya, Nigeria, Benin etc.), and economic crises on food security and, COVID-19 (lethargic vaccine roll-outs)- etc. - are among the key drivers of the precarious situation that an African child finds itself in 2021 and it could get worse. According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), about 60 per cent (Most of whom are children) of all internal displacements in the East Africa sub region in 2019 were due to climate-induced disasters.

Children's Rights Clinic Members: 2022

  • Hussienatou Manjang
  • Shyreen Odala Chirwa
  • Justin Malok


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