The Children's Rights Unit at the Centre for Human Rights launched its Study on Child Participation in Development Frameworks in Africa.

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Child participation is a fundamental right guaranteed in international law, specifically under articles 12 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and 4(2) of the African Children’s Charter. It is a facilitative right that is significant in the intellectual development of the child and vital for a child’s autonomy and social responsibility later in a child’s life course.

States Parties to the CRC and African Children’s Charter have an obligation under international law to adopt legislative and other measures to protect and advance a child’s right to participate in all matters that affect them. Child participation is not a common theme in African development discourse and this study has demonstrated the challenges faced by states parties to the CRC and the African Children Charter in meaningfully involving children in the implementation of development frameworks. Further, the study also spotlights children’s agency and capacity to respond to the challenges that society collectively faces, and to input into development initiatives aimed at securing their well-being.


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