On 7 December 2019, the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, welcomed back around 60 alumni from its Master’s programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa (HRDA). Students of the HRDA Class of 2019 and alumni from across the continent and from different graduating classes congregated at the Centre to kick-off the #HRDA20Years celebrations. 

Prof Frans Viljoen (Director, Centre for Human Rights) and Dr Nkatha Murungi (Assistant Director, Centre for Human Rights) welcomed the alumni and invited especially those from earlier years to feel welcome at the space that the Centre now occupied. The afternoon was an opportunity for old friends to reunite and catch up, as well as to forge new friendships and networks from across the different graduating classes. 

The festivities moved to Adlers Restaurant on campus where an indoor braai was set up in deference to the wet weather that Pretoria was experiencing. That did not dampen the chatter and mood of the alumni as they continued to catch up and interact with one another. The pièce de résistance for the afternoon was a drumming session conducted by Ahenfu Cultural Edutainment, in which all the guests were invited to participate, each with their own drum. There was a lot of good cheer and dancing as the lively drumming session took place, bringing together the group whose shared common purpose is to fight for righting the wrongs in Africa.   


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