The aim of the #AgeWithRights Campaign is to raise awareness of the situation of older persons with a focus on older women in Africa and to advocate for their human rights by drawing attention to the recently adopted Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Older Persons in Africa (Protocol on Older Persons) and campaign for increased ratification by member states of the AU.

One of the ways to achieve this objective is through the development of a multi-country study that explores the plight of older women, their legal protection and other measures to ensure their protection as well as identifying key gaps. Research is absolutely essential and an evidence-based campaign provides insights that can inform key areas of attention, advocacy, entry points and similar prospects. Through this study, the actual status on the right of older persons with a focus on women will be identified in selected countries therefore pushing the conversation from rhetoric to actual facts that need to be addressed. In this way the study is also envisaged as a critical tool to  provides impetus towards increased signature and ratifications to the Protocol on Older Persons in the study countries.

The multi-country study will be undertaken by researchers drawn from the Centre for Human Rights, its Alumni and other identified scholars and researchers. It will target to reach at least 10 countries including Benin, Comoros, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Zambia. The identified countries are signatories to the Older Persons Protocol and therefore this multi-country study will receive higher priority. Submissions are however invited for all countries in Africa.


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