The #AgeWithRights Campaign: Thematic areas within the scope of the work of the Centre for Human Rights

The following thematic areas intersect with the #AgeWithRights campaign and are linked to the work done by the Centre's Children's Rights Unit, Disability Rights Unit and SOGIE Unit

Children's Rights

The contemporary African society in which we live is rapidly ageing, especially in the Northern and Southern areas of Africa. Over time, the African family setting has undergone a transition from a generational mutual care system towards a more unilateral relationship between the older generation, especially women, and their children and grandchildren.

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Disability Rights

Research shows that older persons in general are often subjected to different forms of violence and discrimination on the basis of age. They are also isolated, abused and regarded as unproductive and burdensome members of society - a phenomenon known as ageism.

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Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa protects older lesbian women through its provision that prohibits discrimination based on an intersectional number of grounds for lesbian women: age, gender, sex, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, disability, and conscience.

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