On 3 and 4 September 2013, the preliminary rounds of the 22nd African Human Rights Moot Court competition were held at the Great Hall, University of the Western Cape.

During these rounds, faculty representatives act as judges where participants have to battle a hypothetical human rights court case before the bench.

The competition is tri-lingual (English, French and Portuguese) and the best two teams from each language group are to appear in the final rounds. After two gruelling days in the courts, the following teams were chosen as finalists that will advance to the final rounds:

Finalists (who will argue for the Applicant):

  • University of Stellenbosch (South Africa)
  • Université Libre de Kinshasa (DRC) and
  • Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (Mozambique)

Finalists (who will argue for the Respondent):

  • Moi University (Kenya)
  • Université des Lagunes CIDD (Côte d'Ivoire) and
  • Universidade Catolica de Angola (Angola).

The final round of the competition will be held at the Civic Centre in Cape Town at 09:00 on 7 Septemeber 2013. The judges in the final round are:

  • Mr Justice Bernard Ngoepe
    (South Africa)
    Judge of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights
  • Madame Maya Sahli-Fadel
    Professeure et Membre de la Commission Africaine des Droits de l’Homme et des Peuples
  • Dr Benyam Dawit Mezmur
    Chair of the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child
  • Madam Justice Kate O'Regan
    (South Africa)
    Retired Judge of the Constitutional Court of South Africa
  • Dra Orquídea Palmira Massarongo-Jona
    Faculdade de Direito, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Moçambique

The closing ceremony of the competition will be at 12:00 with Prof Brian O'Connell (Rector, University of the Western Cape), Prof Julia Sloth-Nielsen (Dean, Faculty of Law, University of the Western Cape) and Prof Frans Viljoen (Director, Centre for Human Rights) as the speakers.

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