The Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, hosted an advanced short course with a focus on the effective implementation of disability rights in Africa from 9 - 13 March 2015.

Eighteen lectures were delivered at the course on a diverse range of issues including the development of disability as a human rights issue at the global, regional and domestic levels, regulation of disability discrimination in the African, European and American regions, constitutional regulation of disability discrimination, regulation of disability in select countries (Ireland, Kenya, Malawi, United States of America and Zimbabwe) and finally applying the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to selected areas (including access to justice, accessibility of goods and services, legal capacity, inclusive education, reproductive and sexual health and national implementation and monitoring).

The course drew instructors from eight countries and about fifty participants coming from at least twenty five countries. Participants included policy makers and implementers, civil society groups as well as advocates for disability law reform, lawyers, and students of the LLM on the Human Rights and Democratization in Africa course.

Testimonials from the Disability Rights in an African context course:

  • “The practical exercises were really good, tough and engaging! Made us crack the answers through deep thinking and analysis. Well done!”
  • “Well organized, it provided intense worthy knowledge. Highly inspirational too. I am highly thankful! Keep it up!”

With the support of OSISA and the Open Society Foundations International Higher Education Support Programme.

For more information, please contact Dennis Antwi at dennis.antwi@up.ac.za or Elizabeth Kamundia at elkamundia@gmail.com


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