The Global Campus Human Rights Week is held from 4 to 9 December 2017 in Pretoria. The event is organised by the Global Campus of Human Rights / European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EUIC) in partnership with the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria. The first even on the agenda was a seminar on African cinema and human rights. Before the seminar, the Global Camp made several presentations, introducing all the regional programmes. These presentations comprised of sub-presentations made by delegates from the 7 branches of the Global Campus of Human Rights: Arab World, Europe, South East Europe, Latin America Caribbean, Caucasus, the Asia Pacific and Africa.

This segued into the seminar on African cinema and human rights. The seminar featured insightful presentations from Rod Stoneman of the National University of Ireland on the theme of using African Cinema to formulate contemporary human rights issues;  Metter Hjort of the University of Copenhagen on the impact of rights-based development  policies on film-making milieu in Kenya; Jae Maingard of the University of Bristol on the representation of migrants in films. There was also a dialogue between Pervaiz Khan of Wits School of Art, University of Witwatersrand and Ayo Sogunro of the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria facilitated by Rod Stoneman on the earlier presentations made and the main theme of African cinema and Human rights. 

The films screened at the seminar included: Jas Boude (2014) and Scarred (2015). The seminar rounded off with the South African premiere of queer themed movie, Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? (2016) produced by Barak Heyman and Tomer Heyman. Prior to this, this movie had received the Panorama Audience Award at the Berlin International Film Festival 2016 and The Audience Poll Award at the Krakow International Film Festival Poland, 2016.


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