To set the scene for the forth-coming International Human Rights Day slated for 10 December 2017, the Centre for Human Rights in collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands and Village Verbals hosted ‘The body that takes pride’ a panel discussion with visual and performance art which narrowed in on the themes of the rights of women and LGBTIQ persons. The star-studded panel was comprised of the Natalia Molebatsi, Nondumiso Msimanga, Beverly Ditsie and Prof Tiffany Willoughby-Herard.

The day began with the ‘transgressive’ set up of a visual artist, Gabrielle Roux, armed with her white board and charcoal bar, positioned in a corner sketching different poses of her model Koleka. Natalia Molebatsi, in another corner, enchanted in her oratory, introduced the theme, the day and the panellists.
Each panellist stepping forward to make solid, disruptive and thought-provoking arguments on the issue of the female body, especially the female queer body. The gold thread running through all of the discussions was that violence against women must stop being condoned and individuals and communities need to step up through whatever means they have and can.
The event included a screening of Nondumiso’s performance art Inside, singing by Prof Willoughby-Herard and an exhibition of art created by Gabrielle Roux, created right there in the room.



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