GENIDA e-learning on IDPs is aimed at empowering and equipping advocates, civil society actors, lawyers, researchers, policy analysts and lawmakers with practical leadership skills tailored towards creating a society that respects protects and supports IDPs. GENIDA envisions an Africa where the rights of IDPs are observed, protected and promoted. We believe that an investment in mentorship, civic education, capacity development in form of training will secure the respect, protection promotion and observance of the rights of IDPs today and in the future.

For this to happen, the following tenets need to be upheld:

  1. Accountability of government and the private sector under the law. This cuts across service delivery, administration of justice and political representation. For accountability to prevail transparency is key.
  2. Access to justice and use of alternative dispute resolution. This can only be realized where the Judiciary arm of government is independent and free from the whims and influence of the other arms of government.
  3. An open and transparent government where laws are enacted, administered, and enforced are accessible, fair, and efficient. There are three arms of government: the legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary. They each play a unique role and are expected to check on each other.
  4. Just laws: the laws must be clear, publicized, stable and just. They must be applied evenly and protect fundamental rights, including the security of persons and property.

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The GENIDA free e-learning course on Internal Displacement developed by GENIDA Network members provides insight into the key issues surrounding internal displacement including but not limited to Understanding who IDPs are, Gender and internal displacement, law and policy and on internal displacement, Health and internal displacement, Governance and Internal displacement, among others. In a one-week session, this course gives you access to an open-access online learning experience, materials and key concepts for discussion.

No prior knowledge or experience of work in the field of internal displacement is required – only a passion to learn.

The training is online and self-paced, with six modules to be completed within a week after enrolment. Participants will graduate upon submission of a blog (not more than 1000 words) to genidanetwork@gmail.com. Upon publication of the blog on the GENIDA website, a certificate will be awarded to you for the successful completion of the program.

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