Season 4 Episode 1: Reversing the commercialisation of public services with a particular focus on the right to health

In conversation with Dr Rosella de Falco and Ms Ashina Mtsumi

Covid-19 and the impacts of concomitant government regulations on women

In conversation with Ms Patience Mungwari

The need for inclusive spaces for trans women in Africa

In conversation with Dr Anastacia Tomson

Forced sterilisation and the status of women in society

In conversation with Ms Saoyo Tabitha Griffith

Securing family and women’s rights through an African response

In conversation with Prof Fareda Banda

Persecution and harmful practices: A daily challenge for persons with albinism

In conversation with Ms Perepetua Senkoro

Violence against women: Is it time to declare a state of emergency?

Conversation with Prof Rashida Manjoo



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