Country / Where did you grow up:
Makeni City, Sierra Leone.

Academic qualifications:
BA (Hons) in Mass Communication, Fourah Bay College (University of Sierra Leone)

Mustapha Dumbuya is a Sierra Leonean international journalist and human rights media trainer. Before coming to pursue the MPhil in Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa at the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, Mustapha was based in South Sudan where he worked as journalism trainer. His stories have appeared in various international media outlets such as the New Internationalist, News Deeply, the BBC World Service, and Inter Press Service among others (IPS).

Prior to joining JHR in South Sudan, Mustapha worked for BBC Media Action in Sierra Leone as a producer and community radio mentor/trainer. One of the pinnacle events of his career was covering the 2014-2015 Ebola outbreak in West Africa as its ravaged communities in Sierra Leone, particularly affecting the women who cared for the sick.
It was then that he realized the power of radio to educate entire communities on their human rights and help change the mindsets of the public.
This passion fueled him through three years working as a media trainer for JHR in South Sudan, training journalists and civil society activists on human rights reporting and empowering them to speak out on critical issues that need to be addressed by the authorities.

Academic fields of interest:
I am interested in the intersection between media and transitional justice in Africa. I am particularly interested in the role the media play plays in the promotion of human rights in a post-conflict context.

Position prior to the programme:
Senior International Media Trainer, Journalists for Human Rights in South Sudan.

Gmail Logomustafdumbuya1@gmail.com

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