Pan African Parliament Civil Society Forum

The Centre for Human Rights has established a partnership with the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) through a memorandum of understanding signed on October 2017. The PAP is an organ of the African Union (AU) established to ensure that Africa takes full ownership and participation in the development and sustainable transformation of the continent. The partnership aims to strengthen the capacity of the PAP in the area of development, human rights and democratisation of Africa.

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Training Advocacy and Research

The DCE Unit helps states need to invest major human, material and other resources to establish the right conditions for an inclusive democracy which encourages peace, political stability and economic prosperity. Through training and research, the DCE Unit aims to capacitate states, civil society and members of the PAP with key insights around democracy and human rights. To do this, the DCE Unit works to drive crucial AU instruments, such as the Malabo Protocol, towards ratification.

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For the DCE Unit, elections are not just a mechanical process. Rather, they are a complicated, constitutional issue that go to the heart of politics in the state. Beyond investigating more standard issues of voter turnout, and elections tempering, the Unit’s research asks and answers deeper questions to understand what problems elections respond to, and how elections can be enhanced to yield better results for the African electorate.

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Through consultative processes with government and civil society, the DCE Unit aims to encourage access to justice and grant better protection for victims, and to increase anti-discrimination efforts to help achieve greater equality. Amongst others, the Unit challenges xenophobia in the public discourse, producing factual reports highlighting the positive contributions that immigrants make to all countries.

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