On 16 and 17 November 2023, the Centre for Human Rights, in collaboration with the Open Society Foundation, Amnesty International and the University of California, Berkeley, organised a workshop on Strategic litigation and state obligations to secure platform accountability in respect of the effects of technology on children. The workshop aimed to devise a litigation strategy holding states accountable for protecting children from the adverse effects of technology and the internet, with a focus on creating a test case for this strategy.

The Convening brought together a diverse group of participants, including grassroots organisations, children rights experts, and digital rights advocates. The primary objective was to address the challenges arising from the intersection of technology and children’s rights in Africa. The focus was on regional collaboration and expertise.

Further, the Convening aimed to answer key questions related to the litigation effort, including defining goals, selecting the appropriate forum (regional, sub-regional, or domestic), choosing defendants and claimants, and developing advocacy and communication strategies. Throughout the event, various issues and scenarios were highlighted, providing insights into the complexities of addressing violations of children's rights in the digital sphere. The workshop created a consultative and collaborative space for participants to engage critically with each element of strategic litigation, marking a milestone in fostering regional collaboration and expertise to tackle the challenges arising from the convergence of technology and children’s rights in Africa.

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Manager: Litigation and Implementation Unit 

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