To graduate with the degree LLM/MPhil Multidisciplinary Human Rights, the student must complete three core modules and two elective modules. In the first year of study, students are required to attend the Research Methodology Course RHP 801. In addition, a research proposal must be approved by the student's supervisors.

mdhr 2021 advertLLM/MPhil Multidisciplinary Human Rights candidates are exposed to a diversified approach to the study of human rights, benefiting from the experiences of lawyers and non-lawyers alike. In the second year of study, Students can register for the MND 800, which will be completed under the supervision of a member of the Law faculty


  • RHP 801 first year - The supervisor should approve the research proposal by October of the first year of registration.
  • MHR 801 first year
  • Two electives first year
  • MND 800 second year

Assessment methods

  • Assignments
  • Semester tests
  • Clinical work
  • Mini-dissertation


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