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Country: Gaborone, Botswana
Academic qualifications:

  • LLB (University of Botswana)
  • LLM in Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Africa (UP)

Admitted Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public of the High Court of Botswana. with 7 years of experience as an attorney, and a human rights lawyer.  Attorney - Chibanda Makgalemele and Company 2010- July 2012.  A private legal practitioner with a focus on family law and commercial law.

Legal Advisor- Botswana Network on Ethics Law and HIV/AIDS (BONELA) August 2012- October 2015. My role was multifaceted and focused amongst others on; policy and law reform, advocacy, awareness-raising, lobbying, strategic impact litigation on health and HIV issues, medical malpractice, provision of legal services, sexual minorities and key populations.

Botswana Legal Officer Consultant - Minority Rights Group International (MRG) November 2015- June 2016. My role involved advocacy for recognition of tribal minorities groups in Botswana, empowerment of 7 non-recognised tribes in Botswana and human rights and literacy training. Additionally, I worked with local partners to advance the rights of tribal and indigenous groups in Botswana.

I currently work for the Law Society of Botswana, as a Legal Officer. I am responsible for regulation and admission of legal practitioners in Botswana, advocacy on human rights as well as promotion and protection of the rule of law in Botswana.

Academic fields of interest:

  • Sexual and reproductive rights, women rights, public interest litigation, sexual orientation gender and identity rights, intersex human rights, HIV/AIDS, medical malpractice, the right to health and education, feminism and gender equality. Tribal, religious and indigenous human rights, and the rule of law.

Position prior to the programme:
Legal Advisor –Botswana Network on Ethics Law and HIV/AIDS



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