Kerigo OdadaSRRA

Country / Where did you grow up:
Kisumu, Kenya

Academic qualifications:
Bachelor of Laws -University of Nairobi, Kenya

I have a legal background and my area of specialization is advocacy and activism on the rights of women, youth and other minority groups. My work experience is primarily in the field of social justice and human rights. I have previously worked at the Kenya Human Rights Commission under the Identity and Inclusion program, the advocacy program at the African Women’s Development and Communication Network (FEMNET), headed the advocacy program at YouthLite Kenya, and during my undergraduate studies, headed Youth Alliance For Leadership and Development in Africa at the University of Nairobi. Currently, I am in charge of community outreach in a social enterprise that works on economically empowering Maasai women in Ngong' Kenya.

Academic fields of interest:
Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Gender and Development, Politics and Governance, and Social Economic Rights

Position prior to the programme:
Prior to this, I served as a community outreach manager for a social enterprise called Sipdada that works with Maasai women in Ngong’ -Kenya to make jewellery and shoes for export. The goal is to champion social change by economically empowering the wonderful women we work with. I also work with grass-roots organizations in Western Kenya that work on SRHR issues of adolescents.

Gmail Logokerigo.odada@gmail.com


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