Emery Jocelyne Ingabire | Rwanda, Kigali

Kenya Bachelors degree with Honors in Pharmacy

Previous Experience

Jocelyne is a dedicated Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights activist with over seven years of diverse experience in project management, partner stewardship, resource mobilization, health system strengthening, digital health innovations, and effective communication within the health sector. She currently serves as the Director of Community Outreach at Health Development Initiative Rwanda (HDI), where she supervises programs related to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Community Health and Development, as well as Human Rights and advocacy. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree (Hons) in Pharmacy and is in the final stages of completing her Master's degree in Sexual Reproductive Rights in Africa from the University of Pretoria. Jocelyne's zeal for the health sector extends beyond academics. She has actively participated in programs like Counseling with Light House Rwanda and Harm Reduction with KANCO (Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium), further demonstrating her resolute commitment to advancing the health and well-being of communities.

Academic fields of interest: Human Rights

Previous Position

Community Outreach Director



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