Diana Meswele

Gladness Diana Meswele | Gaborone, Botswana

  • BA Humanties (Majors in English & History) - 2002 University of Botswana,
  • PGDE (majors in English & History) 2003, university of Botswana,
  • MEd Counselling & Human Services-2011 University of Botswana,
  • MA Social and Public Policy -2015 (University of Leeds)

Previous Experience

I have 15 years work experience in the area of health and human rights, particularly focusing on promoting and protecting human rights in the context of the national response to HIV in Botswana. Between 2006 and 2012 I have led the National AIDS Council Ethics, Law and Human Rights Sector to drive advocacy and technical support for intergrating rights based and gender sensentive approaches to HIV and AIDS reponse. I have also worked with the Botswana Network on Ethics, Law and HIV/ AIDS as a policy and advocacy officer still with the focus on contributing to a strengthened legal and policy enviroment to support the national response to HIV and AIDS in Botswana. I have worked with the National AIDS and Health Promotion Agency since 2019, where I coordinate the programmes to remove human rights and gender related barriers to HIV services (under the Breaking Down Barriers Initiative supported by the Global Fund in 20 High HIV/AIDS impact scenarios). I hold a Masters of Education and Human Services from the University of Botswana (2011) and a Master of Arts in Social and Public Policy from the University of Leeds (2015) as a Chevening scholar. I am also also allumni to the Women's rights in Africa and Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa from the Centre for human rights-University of Pretoria.

Academic fields of interest:

  • Sexual and reproductive rights

Previous Position

Programme Lead for Programmes to remove human rights and gender related barriers to HIV and TB Services



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