Alex Nyabuti SRRA

Maina Nyabuti | Nyamira County, Kenya

 LLB, Kisii University, Kenya

Previous Experience

My academic experiences include Postgraduate Diploma in Law, Postgraduate Certificates in Public Interest Litigation, Mediation and Human Rights Courses. In that respect, I have authored and co–published a number of book chapters, papers and articles in local and international publications on human rights, public law and governance. My more than five years of work experience cover research, law practice (litigation, advising and drafting) and advocacy having worked in law firms, Attorney General Chambers and as Director of the Public Prosecutions Office. I am also a former Public Interest Litigation Fellow at Kenya Human Rights Commission in collaboration with the Center for Strategic Litigation, Tanzania and a pro bono lawyer at Fida - Kenya.

Academic fields of interest:

I have academic research and writing interest in the areas of human rights, sexual and reproductive health, refugee law, public interest litigation and criminal law.

Previous Position

I am currently a Prosecution Counsel at the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions, Kenya.


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