Dianne Massawe SRRA

Dianne Massawe | Tanzania in Mororogo; Zambia in Lusaka and South Africa in Cape Town

 B Soc Sci Honours in Development Studies (2005) - University of Cape Town – South Africa
     BA Honours in Gender and Transformation (2003 – 2004) - University of Cape Town – South Africa
     B Soc Sci in Psychology & Gender Studies (2001 – 2022) - University of Cape Town – South Africa

Previous Experience

I have 15 years of experience working within civil society in South Africa and the provision of TA in the region, specialising in working with key, priority and vulnerable populations in relation to human rights and access to health; human and women's rights with a look at gender-based and sexual violence and advocating for the rights of key, priority and vulnerable populations.

Academic fields of interest:

A better understanding of the law and how to use the law towards advocacy efforts; research and knowledge production to inform programming that abides by all principles in social sciences.

Previous Position

An independent consultant


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