The following are the dissertations from the class of 2021:

The Dissertations of previous years are available on UP Space.

Sandrine Munezero Buzingo
Challenges and opportunities in developing a common legal and regulatory framework on energy in East African Community

Emmanuel Osei
Analysing the Legal and Regulatory Framework of Technology Transfer Regimes in Developing Countries: The case of Ghana

Jack Jayalo Okore
Strengthening The Regulatory And Institutional Framework In Kenya To Curb Corruption In Foreign Direct Investment

Joyce Waeni Mbaluto
Advancing Human Rights in the International Investment Law Regime Through Effective Public Participation : A Kenyan Perspective

Leila Ahmed Dahir Dagane
The Legal Framework on Trade Relations with third parties in Kenya

César Carlos Alberto Francisco Vamos Ver
Legal and Regulatory Challenges in the Implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement Protocol on Trade in Services in Mozambique

Juzelri Garbers
Force majeure and CoVID-19 in international sales contracts: An African perspective

Adetutu Oyinkansola Talabi
Towards a Robust Consumer Protection Driven Regulatory Framework for E-commerce in Nigeria

Nelson Chilotam Onuoha
Legal and Regulatory Considerations in promoting Factoring as an Alternative Trade Financing Tool in Nigeria

Onyekachi Chidebe Okorie
Balancing the need for investment and environmental protection: a case study of The Gambia

Kedibone Ntlapana Seloane
Foreign Investors' Rights and Obligations Under the Protection of Investment Act 22 of 2015

Sive Makhulathi
Making a case for the resuscitation of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Tribunal

Malebo Ngobeni
The procedural aspects of South Africa's Anti-dumping legislation and its compatibility with the World Trade Organisation Anti-Dumping Agreement

Mhleli Hopeworth Yozi
Assessing trade dispute resolution mechanisms and the potential of an international trade tribunal in South Africa

Prisca Kislon Phemelo Dirane
The Role of Public-Private Partnerships in Overcoming Infrastructure Challenges in South Africa

Victor Mutasi
World Trade Organisation members' compliance with article XXIV of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade: The case of Tanzania

Jane Lucky Sipalo
The Legal Challenges to the Zambian Public Procurement System

Michelle Nkorongo
Re-examining locus standi of non-state entities and individuals under the African Regional Economic Communities and the African Continental Free Trade Area

Taona Mwanyisa
The Increasing Need for Anti-Dumping Regulations in Africa: A Case Study of Zimbabwe


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