Sandrine Buzingo Munezero 

Burundi ????????

Sandrine holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Lake Tanganyika University, Burundi. Prior joining the programme, she worked as a legal counsel for the Economic Community of the Great Lakes Countries Organization for Energy of the Great Lakes Countries. She had also worked as a Research Specialist with Shonubi, Musoke, Gilbert& Partners Law firm (Bujumbura, Burundi) where she assisted clients in the prospection and drafting of business plans, intellectual property, incorporation, investment and real estate among other disciplines. Her areas of interest include International Trade and Investment Law, Energy Law, Community Law and Regional Integration, Intellectual Property Law, Real Estate Law, Capital Market Law, Tax Law and International Arbitration. She brings to the program a multidisciplinary approach bridging civil law and common law with a professional experience acquired in a multicultural environment.

???? sandrine.buzingo.munezero@gmail.com


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