Africa Rights Talk Podcast Series

Engaging the African Commission on sexuality matters

Conversation with Mr Berry Nibogora

One of the more contentious matters before the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, has been, and continues to be centred around sexuality. Many within Africa try to keep the discussion in the private sphere, yet, Mr Berry Nibogora (Law and Human Rights Programme Manager, African Men for Sexual Health & Rights (AMSHer)) sheds light onto how civil society's engagement with the African Commission is challenging this view, increasing recognition and protection of human rights from LGBTIQ+ communities.

The journey of engaging the African Commission has been long, with a mix of success and setbacks. In our discussion we delve into the multipronged approach of advocacy strategies adopted, including why taking cognisance of the individual Commissioner and their particular reasoning for opposition or support is key. The role played by the NGO Forum, and side events, has increased, helping with awareness raising. The link between sexuality matters and the June 2018 Executive Council Decision 1015 is considered, helping contextualise that the impetus goes beyond African Commission’s recognition of an NGO promoting the rights of lesbians and is instead a threat to the African human rights system as a whole. 

Despite the ongoing challenge to promote sexuality matters, we touch on a few of the successes before the African Commission, including Resolution 275, explaining how they were achieved and what role CSOs played.

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