Africa Rights Talk Podcast Series

In conversation with Angus Thomas

Human and sex trafficking is a grave violation of human rights, affecting millions of people worldwide. In 2016, approximately 25 million people experienced forced labour and sexual exploitation worldwide. Women and girls are particularly vulnerable: for every ten detected victims, about five were adult women and two were girls. According to Walk Free, there are an estimated 50 million people in modern slavery today, with 54% being women and girls and 1 in 4 children.

On this episode,  Africa Rights Talk talks with Mr Angus Thomas, founder of Send Them Home, a campaign group helping to repatriate African women trafficked to the UAE for forced sex work, and the Hope Education Project, a pilot education programme in Ghana tackling human trafficking at its source. Angus delves into the harrowing realities of sex trafficking, citing his encounter with a young Nigerian woman trafficked to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for sexual exploitation as his inspiration for working in anti-trafficking.  Realising the vulnerability of these victims, he embarked on a journey to repatriate African women that had been tricked into travelling to the UAE and had become victims of human trafficking. Angus then highlights the challenges of working in the UAE, where the Government is often unwilling to investigate human trafficking networks and support victims. He notes that ensuring survivors’ safety during repatriation requires a delicate diplomacy and extensive network of good Samaritans on the ground to help. In conclusion, Angus highlights the importance of education as a pivotal tool in preventing and combating human trafficking. By raising awareness about the tactics and schemes of human trafficking rings, Angus believes that it is possible to empower potential victims to recognise the signs and keep themselves safe.

Angus Thomas is a human rights advocate and photographer who fights against exploitation and injustice. His activism in human trafficking began in 2019 when he encountered a young Nigerian woman trafficked to the UAE for sexual exploitation. This encounter fuelled his determination to combat trafficking networks, and saw Angus establish Send Them Home. His efforts garnered international media attention and prompted an extensive investigation into sex trafficking in Dubai.

In 2021, Angus established the Hope Education Project in Ghana. This program focuses on human trafficking education and awareness amongst at risk schools and communities. The education programme aims to disrupt the flow of vulnerable women trafficked for exploitation, both internationally and within Ghana. Angus Thomas’ unwavering commitment continues to make a difference to communities affected by exploitation and trafficking.

To hear firsthand accounts from survivors Angus has helped repatriate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kg41TwbbYMc&t=2s

You can find out more on Send Them Home by visiting its website here: https://sendthemhome.co.uk/, and the Hope Education Project here: https://hopeeducationproject.org/

This conversation was recorded on 8 February 2024.

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