Africa Rights Talk Podcast Series

Exploring issues affecting migrants in South Africa

In conversation with Ms Abigail Dawson

Mental health as a human right

In conversation with Dr Linda Blokland

What is Africanness?

In conversation with Prof Charles Ngwena

Forced sterilisation and the status of women in society

In conversation with Ms Saoyo Tabitha Griffith

Securing family and women’s rights through an African response

In conversation with Prof Fareda Banda

Strategic litigation of economic and social rights: Expectations of compliance and impact

In conversation with Prof Malcolm Langford

Acknowledging and understanding intersex

In conversation with Ronie Zuze

Intellectual disabilities as an unjustified barrier to accessing justice

In conversation with Dr Elizabeth Kamundia

Persecution and harmful practices: A daily challenge for persons with albinism

In conversation with Ms Perepetua Senkoro

Violence against women: Is it time to declare a state of emergency?

Conversation with Prof Rashida Manjoo


The human rights movement: A truly universal system?

In conversation with Prof Makau Mutua

The fight for the protection of human rights is a global phenomenon, yet the claim to universality of the current human rights system is sometimes questioned.

A weakened African human rights system?

Conversation with Prof Frans Viljoen

Engaging the African Commission on sexuality matters

Conversation with Mr Berry Nibogora


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