Africa Rights Talk Podcast Series

The right to access to justice for persons with disabilities

In conversation with Ms Dianah Msipa

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This episode addresses the right to access to justice for persons with disabilities and the gap in knowledge that exists in the justice system on how to assist persons with disabilities on an equal basis in comparison with others. Ms Dianah Msipa talks about the challenges persons with disabilities face in accessing justice and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. These challenges include but are not limited to attitudinal barriers and access to the environment and information. At the end of the discussion Ms Msipa provides recommendations on what can be done to improve the plight of persons with disabilities in accessing justice.

Dianah Msipa is a lawyer by profession and she is currently the Programme Officer for the  Disability Rights Unit at the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria. The Disability Rights Unit aims to address the rights of persons with disabilities on the African continent by conducting research on international disability rights standards and instruments, building capacity among governments, national human rights institutions, academia, civil society and communities, and engaging with judicial, quasi-judicial and non-judicial redress mechanisms. 

Ms Msipa’s expertise lies in the areas of disability rights, access to justice for persons with disabilities, legal capacity training and she teaches on African disability rights protection.  

This conversation was recorded on 22 May 2020.

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