Africa Rights Talk Podcast Series

In conversation with Dr Ndumiso Dladla

Mandela Day is commemorated annually on 18 July to celebrate the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela in the fight for the liberation of South Africa from apartheid laws and the fostering of peace on the African continent. In this episode of Africa Rights Talk we speak to Dr Ndumiso Dladla, who acknowledges the impact of Nelson Mandela, but warms about the deification of Nelson Mandela as opposed to reflections on many other unsung heroes who have also fought for freedom of black South Africans from oppression.

Dr Dladla highlights the importance of historical accuracy of the histories of unfreedom and that we must seek the truth in order to address our oppression. He calls on Africans to unite across the continent, engage in conscientious conversations about liberation and seek the historical truth in contextualising colonial conquest of the African people and the ramifications of such conquest in today's world.

Dr Ndumiso Dladla is a philosopher, academic and writer who holds a BA (Philosophy and Private Law), BA [Hons] (Philosophy) as well as an MA (Philosophy) from the University of South Africa and an LLD (Jurisprudence) from the University of Pretoria. He was appointed as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Jurisprudence from February 2022. His research interests are African Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Critical Race Theory, Black Radical Historiography. He has published many articles and books. Here are some selected published works:

2018) The liberation of history and the end of South Africa: some notes towards an Azanian historiography in Africa, South1, South African Journal on Human Rights, 34:3, 415-440, DOI: 10.1080/02587203.2018.1550940
(2020) Here is a Table: A Philosophical Essay on History and Race in South Africa, African SUN Media Press, Stellenbosch ISBN : 9781928314783
(2021) (Editor) “The Azanian Philosophical Tradition Today” Theoria: Journal of Social and Political Theory, Issue 168, Vol. 68, No. 3

This conversation was recorded 17 July 2023.

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