Bernice Asante

Bernice Asante, also known as AJ, hails both from Ghana and Rwanda, and holds a Bachelors of Arts in Communications from the Grand Canyon University in the U.S.A, Arizona, and a Master of Jurisprudence in Rule of Law for Development from the Loyola University Chicago, in Rome Italy. In addition to this, She is a human rights advocate with more than two years of experience working as a legal, communications and publications fellow at the Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa (IHRDA). In her capacity as a legal, communications and publications fellow, Bernice (AJ) conducted research in supporting IHRDA’s legal work, including but not limited to sensitization and advocacy activities on the organizations children and women’s rights related projects. Prior to this, she also participated in the Model United Nations program, where she represented Kazakhstan as a delegate, and drafted and submitted resolutions regarding ecological issues in the Middle East. Apart from her professional career, Bernice (AJ), is also a musician who enjoys playing classical Piano, Violin and Flute in her free time. Along with music, she also participated in the world taekwondo championships, representing Kenya, to which she won the bronze medal. 

With the privilege of being selected to participate in the 2022 HRDA program, and a passion for human rights, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of how to apply human rights theories and systems in further advancing the rule of law and preventing the frequent occurrences of human rights violations all over the African continent. In addition to this, I am also looking forward to meeting and connecting with fellow human rights advocates, in further pushing the common goal of achieving agenda 2063 - The Africa We Want.


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