Farirai Sibanda

Farirai Sibanda holds an LLB Honours degree from the University of Zimbabwe. She currently serves as the Transitional Justice Specialist at the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, which is also the secretariat of the National Transitional Justice Working Group in Zimbabwe. She is also a Social Media Editor at the Human Rights Pulse where she contributes to building human rights knowledge across the world. Farirai has an interest in transitional justice inspired by the realisation that past human rights violations must be addressed to entrench a culture of respect, protection, and promotion of human rights. She has contributed to transitional justice in Zimbabwe by producing knowledge tools such as policy papers and facilitating engagements of communities, legislators, policy makers and bodies responsible for policy implementation among other initiatives. Through her participation in the LLM in Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa program, Farirai hopes to harness her analysis, research, and advocacy skills for use in her work towards advocating for policy and legislative reform in Africa to ensure respect for human rights and accountability for human rights perpetrators across the continent.


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