Kafula Kasonde HRDA 

Kafula Kasonde | Zambia

Bachelor of Laws (LLB), The University of Zambia, Zambia

Previous experience

I am passionate about human rights and began this journey during my undergraduate studies at the University of Zambia were I served as Secretary General of the Students Union and had an opportunity to speak for and represent 26, 000 students and help serve their needs. I have worked with various national and international Civil Society organisations such as ActionAid Zambia, the Civil Society for Poverty Reduction and the Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes on projects involving women and youth in politics, simplification of laws relating to social and economic rights of Zambians as well as sensitisation on social and economic rights of citizens and particularly those in rural areas. I work for a multidimensional law firm and also work on a part time basis for the university of Zambia as a tutor.

Academic fields of interest

  • Human Rights
  • Democracy
  • Corporate and Business Law

Position prior to the programme

Associate at NCO Advocates, Tutor at the University of Zambia



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