katja samuel

Dr Katja Samuel

Director, Global Security and Disaster Management Limited

Dr Katja Samuel is a Consultant with the Terrorism Prevention Branch, UNODC, and is the founding director of Global Security and Disaster Management Limited, a consultancy company specialising in security and disaster management law (www.gsdm.global). Since June 2017, Dr Samuel has been involved in the UNODC’s Education for Justice initiative, specifically developing and now disseminating tertiary level educational materials on counter-terrorism.

A barrister by background, previously she served as a sea-going logistics officer and legal adviser in the UK Royal Navy, before embarking upon an academic career. She specializes in international legal regimes governing security (especially counter-terrorism) and disasters, including the growing nexus between them. She has had diverse opportunities to assist in informing law and policy on such issues in different fora, including the development of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights Guidelines on human rights and counter-terrorism.


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