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33rd Christof Heyns African Human Rights Moot Court Competition
University of Rwanda
22- 27 July 2024
Kigali, Rwanda

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Registration 2024

Registration for the 33rd African Human Rights Moot Court Competition is done in three steps:

  • STEP 1
    Faculty Registration
    Start: 5 February 2024
    Close: 30 April 2024

    Register Online
  • STEP 2 
    Online Individual Registration
    Start: 1 March 2024
    Close: 31 May 2024

    (max 2 students and 1 Faculty Representative)

    Individual Registration

  • STEP 3
    Submission of memorials
    Start: 1 June 2024
    Close: 30 June 2024

Conditions of Participation

Each participating university must register two students and one faculty representative. Students participating in the Moot should not have completed their first degree in law. It is the responsibility of the universities to ensure the smooth preparation of all travel arrangements. Faculties assume full responsibility for the arrangement and cost of  accommodation during the Competition. The organisers (the Centre for Human Rights and the host university) undertake to assist participating teams by negotiating, on their behalf, with service providers to obtain reduced rates on accommodation. The organisers will continue to support all faculties by providing local transport and meals during the duration of the Competition.

The normal precautions applicable to international travelling should be taken. Valuables should not be put in check-in luggage as these are sometimes lost by the airlines. Instead, they should be kept in hand luggage. It is strongly advised to leave a copy of the important pages of your passports both in your home country and in your room during the competition in case you lose the originals. The organisers will help to facilitate access to medical care where needed, but cannot assume responsibility for such costs. It is the responsibility of participants and participating institutions to make sure they take out medical insurance in advance or have other plans in place to cover such costs. It is advisable to travel with some medications such as pills for diarrhoea and painkillers. 

Participants are required to keep themselves informed about the Moot by regularly visiting the website:  www.chr.up.ac.za/moot


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